So, what to say about myself… I would rather talk about your project… but, alas, I get how this all works.

I am an Artist, Graphic Designer, as well as a Creative Director with a web design and marketing background. I have been a designer for close to 20 years. I specialize in digital and print production as well as corporate identification packages. My core strength is the ability to combine my love of design with technical experiences to create a more complete and integrated solution. I have experience with producing successful creative as well as motivating and leading others to produce campaigns that yield strong results.

Specialties: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, and Web Design.

Additional Software Skills: Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, Microsoft Office programs, and Cross Media Communications/VDP programs (XMPie)

Now that I have given you my history… I’d love to help you out in your next endeavor. So, go to the Contact Us page to share your next project with me. Let’s do this!